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Marketing Services

This ebooks is part of the 'In A Nutshell' series and was written to educate professionals in all services fields of the importance of strategy in all aspects of marketing and selling; and of the importance of not forgetting key principles proven over decades of traditional marketing when moving into the undoubtedly exciting world of internet marketing.

The book explains the human psychology that lies behind all buying decisions and introduces a phase-based marketing strategy that any photographer would do well to implement in their current business.

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Recession Busting Photography

When times are tough it's easy to focus on the negatives of our industry, but this report takes a different approach and outlines ten things any photographer can start doing right now, to opt-out of the current economic woes.

Each step contains simple, practical steps you can implement immediately to start your own personal economic recovery!

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Better Photos More Often

This ebook from GlobalEye Images reveals a simple but powerful market-research system for photographers wanting to shoot more commercial images in any field, plus a few simple steps to ensure you shoot a lot more of them.

With lots of practical examples and ideas, this ebook is now in it's 5 revision and still extremely popular with beginners and professionals alike.

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Direct Marketing For Photographers

This ebooks is another from the 'In A Nutshell' series by Alan Patching.

Some sage once said, "half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The problem is, I don't know which half!" ... Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what return we got for precisely identified components of our marketing mix? Direct marketing, effectively executed, affords us exactly that opportunity.

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Stock Photography Answers

This short ebook answers all the key questions photographers need to address before they dive into stock photography. It can be a lucrative business if you do it right, but there is little point making a start until you're in a position where you can make it work.

This report is intended to help you assess "where you're at" that and identify any key areas that might need some attention before you start!

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Photo Site Secrets

Most photography websites are little more than vanity publishing. They migth be high-tech examples of it, but it's still vanity publishing. They spend good money publishing their own work, with no real expectation of a return. sound familiar?

This report identifies the 5 common mistakes photographers make and offers simple solutions to ensure you get it right and create a website that actually makes money!

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Web Hosting For Photographers

This is a simple checklist-style report for anyone about to make a start on their own photography website. It gives you the basic information you need to ensure you get it right the first time... and don't get ripped off or make the mistakes that can really hurt.

This is definitely one for the beginners... light on jargon, big on simple step-by-step instructions.

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Photos That Sell

This is a colourful collection of some 65 timeless tips for capturing photographs with real commercial potential. It's the kind of eBook every photographer should read once and apply forever!

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4 Online Photography Mistakes

This short report covers the 4 biggest mistakes photographers commonly make when they try to take their photography business online. Once you get this information clear in your head, you stand a much better chance of avoiding the major pitfalls and actually creating a sustainable and profitable online photography busienss.

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15 Ways Report

This short teaser report outlines 17 powerful systems & strategies photographers can apply to their online business to make more money. The focus is on stock photography, but the opportunity is there to apply most of these to any photography business.

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More Great Photography eBooks Coming Soon!

Google Plus For Photographers

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Photoshop Fundamentals

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Selling Stock Blueprint

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Photographers Web Reference Guide

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Photography Pricing Guide

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Simple Pricing System

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Photographers Social Marketing Blueprint

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