Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

There are two parts to this website: the ebooks you give away, plus, the option to promote this site itself and grow your downlines in each of the affiliate programs. It's the same simple process for both...

Step 1. Sign up for a free Viral Photography eBooks account.

Step 2. Register with one or more of our recommended affiliate programs.

Step 3. Save your Affiliate ID on this site and download your rebranded eBooks

Step 4. Give the eBooks away on your website, blog or social media accounts.

Your affiliate links are automatically embedded in the eBooks, so when you give those away, you are giving people your affiliate links to the products and services mentioned in them. So when they purchase any products or services from the ebooks, you earn the commissions.

How long do the links last?

In theory, forever! In practice, these are third party affiliate programs and we cannot guarantee how long they will keep their program running, but if you're generating commissions that means they're generating business so it's hard to see them stopping!

How does the rebrander work?

Very easily. Once you've set up your Affiliate IDs it's just a matter of clicking on a link, filling out a short form and saving the file.

How does the downline builder work?

Again, this is very simple. Once you set up your affiliate accounts and save your ID's it's done. Anyone who joins this site from your eBooks or promotions will be prompted to save their own Affiliate IDs. If they need to register for any of the programs, they'll be signing up under you.

What does it cost?

It costs nothing to join here and rebrand our books, so you can start right now without spending a dime. However... some of the Affiliate programs are paid options, so you will need to assess those based on their merits and whether you can make use of their products and services.

How much can I make and how long will it take?

We have absolutely no idea and we make absolutely no promises! If one person downloaded all our books from you and purchased every item on offer, it would amount to hundreds of dollars in one-off commissions, and a couple of hundred more in recurring monthly payments. But that is very unlikely!

It's much more likely that in time, you'll earn small commissions from a lot of downloads, IF you get the distribution channels set up properly. That will take time and effort. Please do not sign up for any of the paid services if you need the money for other things!

Can I edit the eBooks in any way

No you may not. This is non-negotiable. You must make no changes whatsoever to the PDF file we'll create when we rebrand it for you. If your details change, you need to come back here and create a new file.

DO NOT edit it yourself or you'll be in breach of our terms and conditions and your account may be canceled without warning. Our authors are giving you free use of their work, so please do the right thing and respect it.

You MAY edit the cover graphics and change the title of the eBook if you like. This is allowed so you can get them listed on the eBook directories, but please be responsible and ensure your new title and graphics do not misrepresent the eBook's contents.

Can I sell the eBooks?

In some cases, yes. Please check the copyright notice at the start of each eBook to confirm the rights that are being passed on to you. If you do sell any of these ebooks, be sure to provide your own contact details to your customers and make sure you honor any and all refund requests promptly.

Can I make my own eCovers

Most definitely! We provide a few for each title, but a custom graphic will usually get a much better result!

Can I promote my own products or services

Yes! When you rebrand each book, you'll have the opportunity to insert your own link. This can go to your own website or other sales pages for your products or services.

Can I promote my own affiliate program

Yes! When you rebrand each book, just insert your affiliate link and a suitable call-to-action as your link text. If you have multiple programs you want to promote, just use a different one in each eBook!

Do I have to use all the affiliate programs

No! All programs are optional, so you just join the ones you want. You can add the other programs later if you prefer. That said, we do recommend you do it the other way around if at all possible and start by joining and promoting all the programs from the start.

Most people are going to do more when they first join, so if you give yourself every opportunity to earn while you're most active, you have the best chance of getting some residual cashflow happening that you can then build on.

Obviously you should do your own due diligence and evaluate each company and affiliate program on it's merits and make sure it is right for you.

What's in it for you?

For starters we own a couple of the Clickbank items being promoted in several of the ebooks. This actually started out as a tool for our affiliates but once we started setting it all up, it made a lot of sense to open it up to everyone.

We've been promoting the 3rd party programs with good results for quite some time, so it made sense to include those as well, and roll them all into one easy-to-use tool. And by opening it up to all, we'll also be able to generate additional traffic to various websites in our network.

So in the interests of total transparency...

If you come on board and promote one or more of these programs, we may earn a commission on some of your purchases, or people we've introduced may earn a the commission. In other cases your referrer may be further removed than that, but we may still benefit from additional visitors you may send to our websites.

Hopefully none of that is a shock... and hopefully what we've put together is a platform where we can all benefit from our joint efforts! If you do have any concerns though, or any questions that haven't been answered here, please do contact us for assistance.

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