Submit Your Own Photography-Related eBooks

If you have a suitable eBook that you'd like to leverage for additional traffic to your website and photography-related offers, as well as hands-free commissions on third-party products, please submit it here for consideration.

Content Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines first to avoid unnecessary delays or rejections. The short version would be Commonsense & Quality but we'll run through it just to be safe...

1. Original Content Only

Any eBook you submit must be your own work. Please do not submit PLR material or work that has been copied verbatim from various sources. If it contains photographs you must either own those or have permission from the photographer to reproduce them.

2. Photography-Related Content Only

The ebooks should hold genuine interest & appeal for 'photographers'. It can be geared towards amateurs or professionals, or both, and can focus on any aspect of photography or the business of selling photography. If the title doesn't mention photography, the first couple of paragraphs should make the connection and the book itself needs to deliver on that.

3. High Quality, Useful Information

Make sure the information is relevant and useful to your audience. If you have old ebooks, this is a great opportunity to put them back to work, but please revise them before submitting to ensure the information is all current and applicable.

4. Well Written English & Proof-Read Content Only

Please check your work carefully and get someone else to check it as well. Double check all links are current and working. Do not hire ESL writers to ghost-write for you unless you're prepared to edit their work meticulously.


Submission Guidelines

Please make sure you have everything you need before you start.

1. Your book in one of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Open Office Writer
  • Open Office Impress

Please DO NOT save it as a PDF yourself, as we need to insert our linking codes so it can be rebranded. Feel free to use any graphics or photos you like, and any standard word processor formatting. Do check spelling and punctuation carefully.

Files must be less than 5Mb to upload, so if it's larger you will need to compress it as a Zip file. If you're unable to do that, please contact us via the helpdesk for alternate submission instructions.

2. Your Website URL and Link Text

You can insert this as a footer yourself, or provide it separately and we'll add it for you. You can use this link to direct traffic to any website you like -- your own site or a page on a portal site, or an affiliate link -- so think carefully and make sure your Link Text is an effective Call-To-Action!

3. Links to 1-4 of our recommended programs in the text.

Links to at least one but no more than four of our programs in the text. There is no need to include a link to this website as that is added automatically, so just pick 1-4 of our programs that are relevant to your eBook's content. For maximum interest among our Members (which will get you the best distribution) we recommend you always try to include one Clickbank product, one Photography training option and one of the 'networking' programs.

You can insert these links where required in the body of the eBook if you like, or else just add them at the end of the book in a 'Recommended Resources' section. If you choose to insert them in the body as well, please do not insert any single link more than two times.

You can link to other relevant web content within the text, but it should be informational pages only and not to any other affiliate programs or sales pages.

4. Your Cover Graphics (Optional)

If you have eCover graphics, you can include those as well and we'll make them available to the people who distribute your book. If need be we will make & publish a generic eCovers for your eBook, so this is entirely optional but highly recommended. ( If you need an eCover you'll find some excellent designers who will do the job for $5 on )

When you're ready, please click the link below to submit your eBook and cover graphics...

Submit Your eBook Here!

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